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Midlife Michelle looks like Hell

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:44 AM
Latest Articles | C. Wadsworth

I heard today on the Mostly Strange Nappy Banged Network (MSNBC), that HNFL Michelle O'Linebacker altered her hair style because she is going through a "midlife crisis." I am so tired of hearing about bitches going through menopause machinations that I ask all men to pause and consider the following limerick:

OBAMA favors gay wedding bells?

Hell, just look at Michelle

He"d rather put a ring

On his Man Country thing

Then ram Rahm Emmanuel

I have nothing against someone changing his or her hairstyle, especially if a professional is in charge, I often take shots with hairdressers at my local bar and they tell me my hair is so perfect they would love to wet it, finger it, and twist it into all kinds of new positions, But when Zira Obama starts making national news by straightening her fur, I only hope the tip didn't come out of my tax dollars, At least the good news is her husband was having his slice straightened at the same time by Tiger Woods. Hopefully they had breakfast at a Perkins afterwards so they could pour their man syrup all over a fat waitress' folded cherry pancake.