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Vaccine-injured kid unwisely used for Vaccine Agenda

Posted on May 01 2019 at 9:21 AM
Latest Articles | Mengeli

(April 16, 2019) A vaccine-injured kid was unwisely used by CBS last week to push the vaccine agenda that all of our mainstream media outlets support at the behest of their drug company advertisers. The all-seeing “eye” network sloppily presented the picture of a blotchy-faced kid and captioned the photo to imply that he was unvaccinated and suffering from measles as a result.  It was a bold and amazing lie (much to be admired in the Josef Goebbels' sense), and, like the rest of our vaccine propaganda campaigns, it no doubt worked very well while it lasted. But it did not last long enough, and the discovery and fallout from this little Psy-Op risks damaging our hard-won credibility.

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In reality, in the actual world – not the promotional one that CBS pulls like a dirty shade over the eyes of idiots – the child looked that way because of his reaction to the MMR vaccine, according to his mother.  In fact, beside the obvious signs of a vaccine reaction, the child was also diagnosed with autism following his MMR vaccination. Back to the drawing board, CBS. You'll need to show your fealty to your drug company advertisers – Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, et al. – in some more subtle fashion. You know I'm all for this sort of thing, in principle; but you went a bit too far this time (and coming from me, that IS saying something, let me tell you).

CBS: A Fake News Master

CBS is a little too obvious sometimes for those who like to follow the money. The CIA's favorite network is a key gatekeeper for our little medical monopoly that runs the country’s “healthcare” system.  In fact, CBS, by floating such an easily provable lie, has foolishly shown the world that it operates like the CDC. They have risked giving the whole game away.

CBS' sloppy move in using a vaccine-damaged kid to promote vaccination risks revealing our overarching agenda – mass vaccination for all, forced if necessary. CBS' sloppy use of that vaccine-damaged kid virtually proves to the masses that our agenda has been handed to the network by our drug company advertisers and government partners. Now all can see that everything our Yes Men at CBS see, every potential piece of evidence, is something that can be used to further our vaccination agenda.  Now all can see that once an agenda is established, and then made into an industry – like our $52 billion per year vaccine industry – all the media and government powers connected to it are then mobilized to further that agenda.  It’s a druggernaut that's tough to stop, or even to slow down, as America and its allies found in WWII when Bayer and IG Farben were using slave labor to manufacture drugs and build infrastructure. 

The wild avalanche of money the agenda generates turns it into an amazing self-propelled monster of a machine that feeds many of the same people that it feeds on. (I've written here before about how our people should avoid any vaccine jab themselves, so no need to go into all of that here.)

Vaccination is Good Business

With vaccination we get them coming and going. Fully vaccinated children, as we well know, are more likely to become chronically ill than unvaccinated "others"; so vaccination can greatly help build a drug company's customer base. The sicker most people are, the more drugs they will take.  It's a beautifully simple business model protected by government fiat, as drug companies conveniently bear no liability when their vaccines too obviously injure or kill someone, thanks to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Quite an "Act," that!  And now the equally effective (do-gooders might say "Draconian") 21st Century Cures Act helps us continue the march to the camps.  A little joke there! No more need for messy labor, concentration, or death camps, of course, when we can weaken, poison, and/or disable the rabble right where they live. (We don't want to have to drag these people out from their homes as we had to in the Warsaw Ghetto and elsewhere. This method is so much cleaner and more "humane.") As my American friends like to say, "It just makes more business sense."

The Merck Druggernaut

Our little vaccination operation works as smoothly as the Merck Druggernaut. Merck founder George Merck famously told TIME magazine in 1956 that you don't sell the drug; you sell the disease.  This time it's measles, and the more our friends in media can gin up hysteria about measles, the more, (and more often – don't forget your "booster" shots) they can scare people into vaccinating their children. Merck makes the enormously profitable MMR vaccine administered to millions of non-consenting children; the potentially lethal Gardasil vaccine; and also the dangerous and arguably less-than-worthless Zostovax vaccine which has unfortunately been the subject of several hundred shingles vaccine lawsuits, because vaccines made for (unwitting) adults are apparently unprotected by the 1986 Act.

The Mother Speaks

The mother of the child pawned by CBS, Dawn Neufeld, caught the phony "eye" network using the image of her son when she happened to spot his picture on Facebook.  She was decidedly furious, if her postings are any indication:

Dawn Neufeld:

“So @cbsdfw decided to use my kid as the poster child for the measles outbreak. We did not grant permission of any kind for its use. But the irony… Will doesn’t have measles in this picture; this is the reaction he had to taking the ‘safe’ MMR shot. We’re not happy about this… at all,” she wrote on Facebook Tuesday. (April 9, 2019)

Further, she tweeted: "You f***ed up @CBSDFW – this is my kid you used in your story without my permission. He does not have the measles. This was his reaction to the MMR shot. Take it down. Now. Issue a retraction. It’s much easier than having to litigate a defamation case. I’ll wait.” — Dawn Neufeld (@DawnNeufeld) April 9, 2019

CBS' Fake News Post that incensed Mother Dawn Neufeld: "Neufeld,” explains Matt Agorist – a former marine who worked in military intelligence – “is an outspoken advocate for safe vaccines. Despite attempts to smear her as an 'antivaxxer,' Neufeld has merely advocated for safe vaccines and notes that she still vaccinates her children. Because of Neufeld’s large social media following, CBS was inundated with angry comments on how 'deceitful' and 'negligent' the decision to use her son’s photo was – especially considering the fact that she blames vaccines for her son’s autism." "Only after receiving threats of a lawsuit and an onslaught of negative comments and demands for them to take it down did CBS finally remove the image and issue a retraction."

CBS' Belated Correction

CBS’ belated correction read: “CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story showed a file photograph of a child who had an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine. Due to an editing error, the child was misidentified in the caption as having measles. CBSDFW apologizes for the error.”

Vaccine-injured Child used to Push Vaccine Agenda

I know that drug companies account for 80 percent of mainstream advertising revenues, but CBS must be more discreet in future in so obviously showing its hand and allowing our side to be accused of spewing propaganda to further our agenda.  The “mistake” by CBS comes as every mainsteam media outlet in the country has helpfully ginned up measles hysteria in order for us to jab every kid we can and demonize anyone who questions the safety of our vaccination paradigm. 

Shutup, Line Up, Take your Shot

In sum, I love the idea of using a vaccine-injured child to "prove" that vaccination works and you had better get your kid(s) vaccinated with any and every product we help our advertisers promote. But CBS' handling in this case has just been too heavy handed, even by our "standards."

Safe Vaccines?

Don’t talk to us about “safe vaccines,” defenseless Citizen. This isn’t a story about the importance of safe vaccines. (There aren't any.)  Primarily, we must continue to allow no public discussion about vaccine safety, or effectiveness. We must shout down all opposition with the "anti-vaxxer" tag that works so well.  Stick to the plan. Stay on message.

Going forward, we must simply not make it so obvious that this story by CBS, and similarly slanted stories from a hundred other mainstream media outlets, is all about advocating for a policy that is firmly embedded in the psyche, a policy that supports billions of dollars of industry, part of what Nietzsche calls the superstructure of brutality.

Questions are a Burden to Others

Don’t ask questions. Let those of us in the white coats do your thinking for you.  Just listen to us, to them.  Rockefeller Medicine works well for our medical monopoly.  If it doesn't work so well for disgruntled citizens like this mother with her little vaccine-damaged brat,  that’s neither here nor there.  This is a story about industry, about billions of dollars in profits, an agenda and a storyline needed to continue selling snake oil to the medicated masses. This is about doing what you are told to do.  It is not about asking questions. This is the message.  Do you understand?